A Message from the Director of Clinical Training:

Welcome to the FIU Clinical Science Doctoral Program in Child and Adolescent Psychology. We're glad you've decided to review our program, and we hope you will find the information regrading our training model, curriculum, degree requirements, and resources helpful to inform your decision about the extent to which our program fits your educational goals and professional aspirations. We enrolled our first cohort of students in Fall 2010. We became a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science in 2014. Our Clinical Science Program received full APA accreditation on January 15, 2016. We encourage you to review the website closely, including links to our Clinical Science Student Guide and Graduate Student Psychology Catalog. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Admission Requirements

Admission into the Clinical Science doctoral program is competitive. Successful applicants have significant research experience and strong letters of recommendation. Enrolled students evidence interest in clinical science by clear articulation (in personal statements and interviews) of research questions and desire for a clinical science career; record of academic achievement evidenced by high GPAs (Mean=3.75); high achievement evidenced by high GPAs (Mean GPA for 2017 class=3.77); high aptitude evidenced by high GRE scores (Mean Verbal = 156 and Mean Quant = 154 for 2017 class) and professional accomplishment described in personal statements and recommendations from past mentors.

Applications will be accepted until midnight on December 1st. Please note that the clinical science program adheres to the psychology department application deadline, which is significantly sooner than the University Graduate School deadline. Please contact Lara Wilson ( with questions.


All students are guaranteed 12-month support ($19,194 + tuition waiver) for 4 years. (Students who do not remain in good academic standing may risk losing their funding.) Although not guaranteed, it is normative for students across programs to remain in residence for a fifth year with funding (tuition and stipend). Historically, all students in the department’s 5 Ph.D. programs have been funded during their 5th year. Funding reflects several pathways: Research Assistantships, Teaching Assistantships, Center for Children and Families Clinical Assistantship, and Awards/ Fellowships. All forms of financial support include summer responsibilities and compensation. All clinical science students apply for external funding for their dissertations as part of degree requirements. Students are encouraged to apply for additional scholarship and fellowship opportunities, internal and external (e.g., APF, COGDOP, APA) awards. Contracts prohibit students from accepting any external employment opportunities during their funded doctoral training. Students receive information on stipend, tuition waiver, fees, and health insurance in their Welcome Package. More information is available from the University Graduate School..

How to Apply

FIU's University Graduate School offers several fellowships, including the McKnight Doctoral Fellowship, for students from underrepresented minority groups. Many of these awards are accompanied by increased stipends and professional development opportunities. Eligible applicants are encouraged to apply: http:/

Applying for the Ph.D. program is a four-step process:

  1. Review the information presented here and make sure the program matches well with your career goals and is a good fit.
  2. To make certain that they have a good match with a mentor and to ensure that the faculty member is taking students this year, interested students should review the Faculty Directory and send an email to faculty with whom they are interested in working, along with a description of their interests and career goals and a resume attached.
  3. Prospective students must complete the FIU University Graduate School admission process, found at their website Graduate School Admission Process; click “Graduate Admissions.” Please follow the application process there.
  4. Complete the FIU Psychology Department Supplemental Application. Both the UGS and Department Applications must be in by the deadline in order to be considered for admission.

Please Note: Applications are due by midnight on December 1st. Please contact Lara Wilson ( with questions.

Additional information and policies:

University Graduate School Policies and Procedures

CUDCP Guide to Clinical Psychology Graduate School

CUDCP Policy for Graduate School Offers and Acceptances

Questions? If your questions are not answered by the UGS information or the information above, please Contact Us.