Teaching Opportunities

Students are encouraged but not required to teach during their graduate training. The Director of Graduate Studies is responsible for TA allocations that are intended to support the undergraduate mission of the university. All incoming students are required to complete a one-credit TA course during their welcome orientation. Students in their first or second year of training that are funded on a TA line will assist with undergraduate courses (typically when enrollment exceeds 100 students).

Courses may be at the Modesto A. Maidique campus, Biscayne Bay Campus, or may be online. Students may be assigned to assist full-time faculty, adjunct faculty, or advanced graduate students. Responsibilities may vary but are expected to include the following: attend class, hold regular office hours, respond to student emails within 24 hours, assist with grading, proctor exams and occasionally, facilitate lectures or lead discussions. Some students may be assigned to the proctor pool rather than an individual course.

Students that have completed their Master’s degree en route to the Ph.D. are eligible to become an instructor of record. The Department of Psychology requires that students teach a section of Research Methods, with standardized syllabus and format, under supervision of Dr. Ryan Winter, before they are permitted to teach a larger lecture course (e.g., Abnormal Child Psychology) or upper-level seminar (e.g., Personality, Psychology of Parenting). Students preparing to teach their own course will participate in an annual department spring training workshop (launching in 2016), facilitated by the Director of Graduate Studies, that will cover course and syllabus preparation, instructional and assessment techniques, grading and resources for handling student problems as they arise. Students are also encouraged to explore resources available at the Center for Advancement in Teaching.