Workshop Opportunities

CCF Division 53 Workshops: The CCF is especially fortunate to have hosted workshops on evidence-based interventions offered by treatment developers who are leaders in their field. The workshops provide an opportunity for students to exit the comfort zone of their primary clinical research area and broaden their training in areas of diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of child and adolescent disorders. Students are encouraged to consider during the workshops the workforce most likely to deliver the treatments and the skill set required to do so, the populations more or less likely to benefit, and the opportunities and challenges associated with treatment implementation. Workshops are available for students in full online at FIU and Division 53's Effective Child Therapy website.

CCF Speaker Series: In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the doctoral degree, all clinical science students are required to attend the weekly brown bag series at the Center for Children and Families (exceptions require advance permission from primary advisor and Director of Clinical Training). The brown bag series includes a variety of opportunities for students and other trainees that facilitate core competencies needed for professional development. First, speakers from FIU and outside FIU present on research focusing on children and families. In addition to presentations by the esteemed faculty in the clinical, developmental, and legal programs at FIU, world-renowned researchers regularly present in this series—e.g., Drs. Alice Carter, Nathan Fox, Paul Frick, Nora Newcombe, and Nora Volkow. Second, at designated brown bags, students present their data and receive feedback from faculty and their peers in preparation for future presentations at conferences, as well as manuscript and grant submissions. Finally, a sub-series of targeted professional development presentations and discussions with faculty members from clinical, as well as from developmental and legal areas are included in the brown bag series to specifically address professional development topics that may not readily lend themselves to classroom material. Examples of topics covered in this professional development sub-series include preparing your Curriculum Vitae, writing and submitting manuscripts for publication, applying for internship/postdoctoral/faculty positions, and submitting grant applications. The coordinators of the brown bag series work closely with students and faculty to decide on relevant topics to be included each semester. Attendance is mandatory (exceptions require advance permission from primary mentor and DCT).

Niagara-in-Miami Conference: The Biennial Niagara-in-Miami conference is one of the world's leading interdisciplinary conferences on state-of-the-art, evidence-based prevention and treatments for mental health and educational problems in children and adolescents. Keynote lectures, didactic presentations, and hands-on breakout workshops are combined to teach trainees the basic principles of effective psychosocial, psychoeducational, pharmacological, and combined interventions, including clinic-based treatments, school-wide interventions, and parent training. Students are strongly encouraged to attend, and receive opportunities to formally present their work during scientific poster sessions. In previous years, funding from the Children’s Trust has fully covered registration costs for FIU Clinical Science students.