Candidacy Requirements

Students that have completed the requirements for the Master’s degree are expected to advance to candidacy at the end of their third year of training. Advancing to candidacy requires successful completion of a 2-part competency exam comprised of the following:

Dissertation Grant Application

Students will submit a dissertation grant application (NRSA, R36, or equivalent) by the end of spring semester of their third year (corresponding to grant deadlines and in consultation with their primary mentor). Students are expected to work closely with their primary mentor on this application, and to seek consultation from additional faculty as needed.

Candidacy Paper

Students will submit their second lead-author manuscript for publication. The manuscript may be an empirical, review, or conceptual paper, but at least one of the two papers fulfilling program requirements (i.e., Master’s Project and Candidacy Paper) must be an empirical paper. The submitted manuscript will require approval from the student’s primary mentor and one additional reader (core or associated faculty). Students will submit the manuscript for publication by the end of spring semester of their third year.

Students are encouraged but not required to work on their grant application and candidacy paper concurrently, as both are likely to reflect a comprehensive literature review and growing expertise in an area of research.