Following advancement to candidacy, students will adhere to the University Graduate School requirements for a doctoral dissertation. This includes a specific timeline and completion of D-forms detailed on the UGS website (gradschool.fiu.edu/student-forms.shtml):

  • D-1 Appointment of a dissertation committee
  • D-2 Advancing to candidacy (Note: D-2 will already have been submitted)
  • D-3 Approval of dissertation prospectus
  • D-5 Dissertation approved for defense

Committee: Per UGS guidelines, dissertation committees will include three faculty members from within the psychology department (including but not limited to the clinical science program) plus one external member (must be FIU faculty). Students may invite a fifth member to join their committee from outside of FIU, with approval from UGS.

Prospectus: Students will submit to their committee a copy of their dissertation grant application (submitted as part of the requirements for advancement to candidacy) plus an amendment that details how the research design will be revised in the event of no funding (e.g., changes to sample size, compensation guidelines, recruitment, or analytic method). Dissertation committee members should receive the prospectus at least 2 weeks prior to the committee meeting. Students will defend their prospectus during a 2-hour meeting planned with the dissertation committee that includes a brief slide presentation (approximately 30 minutes) followed by question / answer period. Students are not permitted to serve food during their prospectus meeting. Potential modifications to research questions and design will be discussed. The final approved prospectus should reflect all required modifications and becomes a contract between the student and their committee for work to be completed.

Dissertation: A doctoral dissertation can be based on varied methodology (e.g., quantitative or qualitative studies, original or secondary data collection, open trial or randomized trial, experimental or quasi- experimental designs). As is becoming the norm in this field, the doctoral dissertation can be a submission-ready manuscript in style and length. Accompanying the dissertation study is a curriculum vitae and reprints of the student’s publications that demonstrate the body of scholarship pertaining to or supplementing the dissertation. Students may request additional meetings with committee members as needed. In addition to content and formatting requirements set forth by the UGS, the final dissertation portfolio should include the following: (a) curriculum vitae, (b) reprints of student publications that demonstrate the overall body of scholarship pertaining to the dissertation, and (c) dissertation study. Students are encouraged to complete and defend their dissertations by the end of their 5th year, before leaving for internship. Students are expected to complete and defend their dissertations by the end of their 6th year.