There are several ways in which we support our students to help them become competitive for the APPIC Clinical Psychology Internship match. First, two committees provide workshops, panel discussions, and presentations aimed at developing skills important to the internship match. The Professional Development Committee provides workshops to all students and includes information on CV preparation, tracking hours, ethics, and career paths and opportunities. The Internship Committee provides complementary workshops, panel discussions, and presentations (oftentimes in conjunction with the Professional Development Committee), but focuses more on supporting students during the year they are applying to internship. As such, the Internship Committee assists students with site selection, preparing the APPIC application, interviewing, and pre- and post-match support. Because our program is new, the Internship Committee coordinates with current faculty to contact internship sites of highest interest to our students. In this way, we can introduce our program to internship sites and inform them about the students we train. As noted in other sections of this manual, during the periodic planned evaluations of our students, we also review students’ progress toward developing a strong internship application.

Steps Toward Applying for Internship

  1. All students are required to enter the APPIC Internship Match.
  2. Students are eligible to apply for internship during the fall semester of their 5th year. In order to enter the match and accept an internship, students must have achieved the following: - Master’s Project submitted for publication - Competency Examination and must be in - Good Academic Standing (grades B- and above, overall GPA 3.0 or above) - Submission to the University Graduate School of the following D-forms:
    • D1: Appointment of Dissertation Committee
    • D2: Application for Candidacy
    • Dissertation Prospectus Meeting has been held and the appointed dissertation committee has approved the prospectus (or approval is pending, contingent on requested revisions and signature by chair). - D3 form (Dissertation Proposal) is pending IRB approval. - Coursework (75 credits) has been completed (or will be completed by December of the same year in which the student is applying) - A minimum of 3 Advanced Clinical Practicum (15 credits and 500 clinical hours) have been completed, including one that provides training in assessment, one that provides training in treatment, and one that serves as a breadth practicum.
    • Note: Students who wish to apply sooner than their 5th year are encouraged to discuss this with their primary mentor and then, with their mentor’s permission, submit a petition to the internship committee for early application. This option is most relevant for students that entered the program with a Master’s degree.
  3. Students will submit to the Internship Committee a list of internship sites to which they wish to apply. Lists will be due no later than September 15th. Students will receive feedback from the Internship Committee within two weeks of submitting their lists.
  4. Students will provide the DCT with materials (e.g., curriculum vitae, summary of research goals) to assist in preparation of the DCT statement. These materials are due no later than October 15th.
  5. In the event of a non-match during Phase I, students will enter Phase II. In the event of another non-match, students will discuss with their primary mentor, the DCT, and the Internship Committee, several options may be considered including a possible in-house customized internship and reapplying the following year. These discussions will be held on a case-by-case basis and decisions will depend in part of funding available; training opportunities; and student goals, needs, and preferences.