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Mileini Campez, CSCAP doctoral student with Dr. Joe Raiker, recently received a 2017 Diversity Grant of the Psychological Science Research Grant. The grant will be used to fund a joint research project with Kelcey Little, also a doctoral student with Dr. Raiker. The study is on the potential buffering effect of bilingualism on executive function deficits in ADHD. Congratulations to Mileini, Kelcey, and Dr. Raiker!

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Randi Cheatham-Johnson, CSCAP doctoral student with Dr. Kat Hart, recently received the FIU Equal Opportunity Programs and Diversity to receive the Delores Auzenne Fellowship. Congratulations to Randi and Dr. Hart!

Nely Garcia, a CCF Clinical Science Student, recently received the Division 54 Student Poster Award for her work, amily-centered intervention for behavior problems in young children with traumatic brain injury, at the APA Annual Conference. Congratulations to Nely and her mentor, Dr. Bagner!

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Daniella Vaclavik, a clinical science student mentored by Dr. Pettit, received the MBRS-RISE Fellowship from FIU! The Minority Biomedical Research Support - Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (MBRS RISE) Program at FIU is sponsored by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant. The goal of the RISE program is to increase the number of students from underrepresented groups in biomedical and behavioral research who enter into and successfully complete Ph.D. programs in these fields.

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Dr. Joseph Raiker, CCF Clinical Science faculty member, recently received the NASRAD Young Investigator grant. We congratulate Dr. Raiker on receiving this long-standing and prestigious mental health grant!

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Congratulations to Kat Crum, CCF grad student in clinical science, on being recognized with Honorable Mention for her upcoming poster at APS entitled "Physiological and behavioral responses to others' distress among children with conduct problems"!

Our congratulations on Michele Bechor's 3rd place in the Health and Psychology Poster category at FIU's annual Graduate Student Scholarly Forum! Michele's award continues her excellent tradition of scholarship, and shows the strength of our program yet again. Congrats Michele!

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Our congratulations to Dr. Aparajita Biswas Kuriyan, Clinical Science's first graduating Ph.D. student, and the winner of FIU's Worlds Ahead Graduate Award! Dr. Tuma has been a model student throughout her tenure at FIU, and this award recognizes her excellent work and the strength of all of our CSCAP students. Well Done Dr. Kuriyan!

Congratulations to Sarah Helseth, M.S., and her mentor, Dr. Stacy Frazier, on her UGS Provost Award for Graduate Student Outstanding Paper or Manuscript! One graduate student paper is selected from amongst the entire university each year, and CSCAP is proud of Sarah's excellent work and well-deserved success.

Congratulations to Michele Bechor, M.S., and her mentor, Dr. Pettit, on receiving funding for her grant, "Neural correlates of attention training in children with anxiety disorders"! NIMH fellowships are among the most competitive funding opportunities for graduate students in the country, and we congratulate Michele for her outstanding work and dedication.