Juliana Acosta

Juliana Acosta


FIU Clinical Science PhD Program. Mentor: Dr. Bagner
M.S., Experimental Psychology, Nova Southeastern University
B.S., Psychology, Nova Southeastern University

Key Words

Early childhood preventive intervention

Research Interests

Juliana is a doctoral student in the Clinical Science Ph.D program at FIU and a member of the Early Childhood Behavior Lab. She is broadly interested in the effectiveness of evidence-based interventions for infants and children with and at risk for developmental disabilities. Specifically, her interests include 1) the role of family functioning in child development, 2) influence of risk factors in early parent-child interactions, and 3) the identification of early markers of developmental delays or disorders, which can serve as screening tools leading to the implementation of effective, evidence-based interventions (at home and school settings) early in development.


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