Brynna Heflin

Brynna Heflin


FIU Clinical Science PhD Program. Mentor: Dr. Bagner
B.A., Psychology, University of Virginia
B.A., Spanish, University of Virginia


Early childhood, parenting

Research Interests

Brynna is a doctoral student in the Clinical science Ph.D. program and a member of the Early Childhood Behavior Lab. She is broadly interested in treatments for young children with behavioral and emotional problems. Specifically, she is interested in 1) the role of parent symptomatology in the effectiveness of treatment, 2) emotion regulation and emotion talk in promoting positive behaviors in children, and 3) the role of feeding problems, and other pediatric disorders, and how they are related to parenting.


Failla, M., Peters, B., Karbasforoushan, H., Foss-Feig, J., Schauder, K., Heflin, B., & Cascio, C. (2017). Intra-insular connectivity and somatosensory responsiveness in young children with ASD. Molecular Autism, 8(25).


Santapuram, P., Feldman, J. I., Bowman, S., Heflin, B. H., Augustine, A., Golden, A., Keceli Kaysili, B., Suzman, E., Broderick, N., Cascio, C., J. & Woynaroski, T. G. (April, 2018). Eye gaze patterns correlate with vocal complexity and language development in infants at high- and low risk for autism spectrum disorder. Poster submitted for presentation at the annual Gatlinburg Conference on Research and Theory in Intellectual Disabilities, San Diego, CA.

Failla, M., Bryant, L., Heflin, B., Tracy, J., Rogers, B., & Cascio, C. (June, 2017) Neural correlates of interoception in autism spectrum disorder. Poster presented at the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) Conference, Vancouver, Canada.

Heflin, B., Tracy, J., Mash, L., Willer, H., Newsome, C., & Cascio, C. (May, 2017). Increased tendency for proximal proprioceptive errors in limb bisection for individuals with autism spectrum disorder is not mitigated by tool use. Poster presented at International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) Conference, Nashville, TN.

Santapuram, P., Morgan, A., Bowman, S., Heflin, B., Augustine, A., Feldman, J., & Wynoroski, T. (May, 2017) Looking predicts vocal complexity and language development in infants at risk for ASD. Poster presented at International Multisensory Research Forum (IMRF) Conference, Nashville, TN.

Heflin, B., Hussain, S. & Hurd, N. (April, 2016). Natural mentoring relationships among underrepresented college students: An examination of predictors and associated outcomes. Poster session presented at the Biennial Meeting of the Society for Research on Adolescence, Baltimore, MD.