Strengths of FIU Clinical Science

FIU’s Clinical Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology specialization has the strength of having core faculty in areas that represent each of the major problem areas of childhood and adolescence, including ADHD, anxiety, conduct problems, depression and suicidal behaviors, and risky problem behaviors. Many of the Clinical Science faculty are also conducting community-based, school-based, and clinic-based interventions.

The clinic-based intervention programs are based in the comprehensive clinic in which students will receive comprehensive clinical training in evidence-based practices. Consequently, all students will have an opportunity to specialize in particular areas while also having an opportunity to obtain broad expertise and knowledge about the main problems of young people in different intervention contexts. A unique component of the training program will be explicit academic and experiential training in how to write and conduct federally-funded research grants. Skills in this domain—particularly the ability to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects that translate basic research to interventions—are increasingly important for clinical psychologists in research careers, and our faculty have demonstrated expertise in this arena. More than 8 million dollars in annual federal funding is currently held by clinical faculty, including the following sample of recent and current grants:

  • Behavior Modification and Young ADHD children, NIMH
  • Longitudinal Course and Impact of Depression, NIMH
  • Adaptive Treatments for Children with ADHD, IES.
  • Parent Mediation of Child Anxiety CBT Outcome, NIMH
  • Development of drug use and abuse in ADHD adolescents, NIDA
  • The Development of Alcohol Use and Abuse in ADHD adolescents, NIAAA
  • A Novel Approach to Stimulant-Induced Weight Suppression and its Impact on Growth, NIMH
  • Postdoctoral Training in Intervention Research for Children with Disruptive Behavior Disorders, IES
  • Psychosocial Mediation Trials and Training of Minority Trainees, NIMH
  • Therapy Specificity and Mediational Effects in Treating Anxious Children, NIMH
  • Effects of Strattera and Behavior Therapy on the School and Home Functioning of Elementary School Children with ADHD, Eli Lilly
  • Novel Multimodal Intervention for Children with ADHD and Impaired Mood, NIMH
  • Designing a Novel Behavioral Treatment Program for Children with Callous- Unemotional Conduct Disorder, NIMH